In a crisis, organisations focusing first on human relations resist better than those focusing first on financial elements.

It is well known that the biggest challenge for anyone - in any role - is relational. No matter how big or lean your organisation, a few people will take lots of your time and drag your attention away from places or activities where you would add much more value. When you have tried dialogue, trade-offs, accommodation, confrontation, warnings and are seriously thinking of terminating someone’s contract, consider a mediation from a qualified mediator. It would be even better if you consider this earlier than just as a last resort …

Mediation trains the parties involved to face their conflicts in a different way. Good mediation will transform challenges into opportunities for growth and development.

Independent from work pressures and conflicts, mediation techniques contribute to creating an environment optimised for diversity. It builds a feedback-rich environment that brings out the best in fantastic employees instead of imposing a one-fits-all-approach.

People do burn out, but not just because of the volume of tasks or being unable to disconnect from work. They suffer from a professional culture that fails to adapt to diversity.

When you succeed in bringing out the best in each members of your team, you get them to share, care and dare with true engagement.

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