Working together is working better


"At Accordances we take modest pride in our pragmatic, engaging and caring approach to addressing – and resolving - corporate and human challenges in the workplace."

Assessment & Coaching

  • Career development
  • Recruitment
  • Assessment center

Team building

  • Leadership teams
  • Team coaching
  • Self-organising teams


  • Harmonising relationships
  • Conflict management
  • Change facilitation
  • Work climate audit


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About us

Accordances was launched in 2006 to help organisations and individuals achieve harmony and positive collaboration in the workplace. We work with a wide range of organisations, teams and individuals to build workforce harmony as a platform for achieving clarity and focus.

Because a successful and high-performing workforce needs to share a unified purpose and demonstrate agree values, we help you align your working culture, priorities and practices with your mission and agreed goals. We help you to remove internal barriers and transform your business into a more focused, fluid, and productive environment; an environment where all your stakeholders will benefit, regardless of their precise role, or the market or sector you’re operating in. We understand how relatively small, yet critical changes can be amplified throughout an organisation, affecting culture, employee satisfaction, and of course measurable results and output.

Accordances monitors trends in the workforce to maintain state of the art services and carries strong values and guiding principles. 

Barbara Kuebel MSc, MBA

As Founder and Managing Consultant for Accordances, Barbara manages every client project with professional discipline and creative flair.

With a Master’s in Business Psychology and expert qualifications, she applies her talents, skills, and expert insight to your team, key executives, and organisational culture. Drawing on her recent experience as HHR for a large organisation (>1200 employees), and her extensive work with international clients, Barbara leads Accordances to focus our combined efforts on assessment, coaching, and mediation. 

Barbara is a: 

  • Solution-focused coach and trainer with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Expert Team coach and Facilitator
  • Collaborative cultural change catalyst
  • Qualified and highly experienced in conflict management
  • Highly respected Leadership Trainer
  • Successful negotiator, including collective labour agreements

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