Team building

With one foot in the past when resources seemed unlimited, and the other in a zero-carbon emission future, we find ourselves in a constant negotiation between two opposing paradigms.

 Yet day-to-day we somehow need to navigate the friction between them.

Our tolerance to ambivalence is challenged in so many ways….

  • we connect constantly, without ever meeting
  • we are pushed to consume more, and waste less
  • we are urged to produce more while spending less
  • we are tempted to travel anywhere, anytime without polluting
  • we are expected to succeed without competing
  • we invest to increase capital gains in a decreasing economy

…and much more. So how should we lead teams and organisations in a context where so many struggles and causes are converging?

Leading is more about coaching

You will build stronger teams with inspiring activities guided by solution and value-focused coaching within the controlled framework of a professional mediation. You will benefit from meaningful exchanges where strong and transformative discussions can flourish.

In this journey towards overcoming longstanding obstacles in a fresh and invigorated way, we will make sure your destination has a solid foundation of strategy and a compelling vision for you, your wellbeing and your team - whether you see changes as opportunities or as threats.

You will get your coach’s full support while you make your environment a safe place to create, to try, to want to move beyond failure and to make things right. Barbara will share with you her first-hand experience in leading a large HR team and successfully transforming the way HR is delivered across the organisation.

You’ll gain creative and innovative insights and many valuable tools that will inspire your team to want to share, care and dare whilst embracing change.

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