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Are young talents rushing to your door?  Are your clients purchasing your products and services on all the available channels and platforms, especially online?  Is the leadership team of your organisation united around a compelling and sustainable vision? Is the social climate of your company positive and supportive of your vision?

If some of these points are of concern to you, you may need to consider a significant shift in your leadership style. Working with your solution-focused coach and change management expert, you’ll let go of what is becoming rapidly obsolete, continue the actions at the core of your success, and start acting according to new priorities.


Accordances’ coaching will always respect your individual needs and integrate your defence mechanism as key indicators of what is important to you, but not currently respected.

Work with a qualified coach and expert in change management, and tap into her innovation and motivation to find ways to help you help your team!


If you want to assess your skills, discover new talents or manage a profound life change, Accordances can guide you on your journey and support you all the way ahead.

Barbara is an expert in talent and performance management. She has first-hand experience in leading a team as Head of HR with over 1200 employees. She has built her own businesses and serves as a senior board member for several  Foundations, one of which she presides. More importantly, she has assessed hundreds of professionals most of whom operate in leadership roles. She is a highly respected senior coach who is a true lifelong learner and focused rigorously on current and future influencers.

Whether you want to assess candidates when recruiting or explore the potential of employees for your talent management project, Accordances provides you with highly predictive assessment tools and innovative situational methodology to precisely demonstrate an individual’s potential impact on your organisation.